About Me

My name is Lisa Solman, I live in Salford with my husband Wil and cat Billy.

I LOVE taking photos, but mostly of people and the places I have visited and this blog will aim to provide a taster of my favourite shots taken around the world.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch, as I have said, I am keen to learn and if you are looking for a portrait shoot or a wedding assistant, give me a shout and I will be grateful of any experience at the moment!


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. hi. my name is Karen and i got your details from Sarah who works with Emma. me and my partner(Sarah brother) Darryl was wondering if you would be interested in doing the photos for our wedding please. please contact me by email or my mobile number is 00000. hope to speak soon x

  2. Hi Lisa, I’ve been pointed in your direction by Nicola hinchy, whose wedding you photographed recently. I’m very interested in getting into wedding photography and would love to speak with you, I’m following you on twitter @midgetmeg, so if you could get in touch I’d really appreciate it. Thanks Megan Hurst

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